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ElecTel Cooperative Federal Credit Union
Checking Accounts
Overdraft Protection

ElecTel Cooperative FCU offers overdraft protection to protect you from costly mistakes such as mathematical errors when balancing your account or failing to record a check or ATM withdrawal. Overdraft protection is valuable for many reasons:

  • Provides peace of mind. Your overdraft protection will transfer funds when needed.
  • Saves you money. Why pay returned check charges, which could be as much as $40, when overdraft protection is available?
  • Serves as a ‘backup.’ Mistakes happen all the time. Overdraft protection makes sure your mistakes are protected.
  • Immediate action. Funds are transferred immediately to cover your check. In addition, we mail a notice the following business day after the check is ‘covered,’ detailing exactly what check was paid, the amount and how the overdraft was affected.
  • Many different options. Use a line of credit loan, a savings account, or a combination of both as your overdraft protection. We strongly endorse using a line of credit as your primary means of overdraft protection due to Federal Reserve restrictions on savings account transfers.

Overdraft protection is the type of protection your account deserves. Add it today! Apply online today, or call our loan department at 1-800-849-5600.


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